Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bored with the food you eat?

There are times when we all feel bored of the foods we eat. We know we feel that way from time to time. Momentum to the rescue! We have scoured the grocery shelves and have found a few new (some may just be new to us) foods to try. We consider these foods in the "healthy" category and will supply you with energy for your day!

Do you have a favorite new food you want us to list? Send us an email: emily@momentum4health.com. We would love to hear from you!
Check back from time to time for more "Bored with the foods you eat" updates...

Try these:

Planters Daybreak Blend (Trail mix type of snack combines almonds, granola clusters, apples, dried cranberries, and pecans). A great balance of carb, protein and healthy fat. Try it with a yogurt for a snack.

Gnocchi alla Sorrentina (frozen from Trader Joes) A delicious, easy to fix (3 minutes) meal in a bag. Tasty potato dumplings with a light tomato sauce. We fix them atop a large bowl of steamed spinach.

Kefir (Yogurt Drink) This tasty drink has all the beneficial probiotic bacteria (great for your digestive tract) as regular yogurt but is fun to drink or mix into smoothies. It is a great protein and calcium source and can double as a pre or post workout snack. Look for it in the dairy case at stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

Kashi Granola in Mountain Medley Kashi has come up great cereal products. This one is a power packed breakfast or snack food, that will leave your taste buds and metabolism saying "ah yeah". Try it with Silk vanilla soy milk.

Bob's Red Mill 10 Grain Hot Cereal Cooks in a flash and is full of whole grains (this means...FIBER!!) Add your favorite fruit and sliced nuts to the top for extra vitamins and minerals. One bowl of this and you can skip your multi-vitamin!

So many foods so little time. Please let us know your favorites! We will keep the list going.

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