Wednesday, January 27, 2010

J-E-L-L-O Not Just for Wrestling Anymore!

Muscle cramping can be a combination of electrolyte imbalance, fatigue and dehydration. Read here how simple products like JELLO can be used to combat cramps!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Get Healthy- the Momentum Way

At this time of year, healthy nutrition can be overshadowed by all the weight loss gimmicks, scams, and schemes that are offered on TV, online, and on just about everywhere you look. Don't be fooled. Research shows that the best way to get healthy is by keeping it simple.

At Momentum getting healthy may be slightly different for each client, but most often it is bits and pieces of these three things: Enjoy moving your body, eat what feels good, and be gentle with yourself.

Moving your body
Pick out an activity or two (or ten) that you enjoy and get moving. Aim to walk the dog, garden, go rock climbing, hike at St. Eds or anything that uses your muscles and puts a smile on your face most days of the week. Raining? Raincoat and boots. Foot hurts? Go swimming. Run out of time? Get up early.

Eat what feels good
Our bodies have an internal mechanism for letting us know what we need, if we listen. It takes practice and a bit of training but you CAN do it. Sometimes it takes a little training to get your body to want healthy things. Explore new cooking techniques, try new foods or new additions to the foods you already eat.
These tips will help you get more bang for your nutrition buck...

+Use different grains mixed in to things like muffins and waffles. Use corn meal, add wheat germ, try whole wheat flours. By adding these easy to use grains, you add vitamins like folic acid for cell growth (read helps muscle building) and fiber for healthy digestion (read no need for "cleansing" diets).

+Purchase frozen veggies in the winter. They are fresh frozen which locks in nutrients. Add them to soups, chili, stir frys, and your favorite sauces. Also, buy baby spinach in bulk and make it into a bed for thai food, spaghetti, soups, and chinese food.

Be gentle with yourself
Remember change takes time, trial and error and lots of patience.

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